Mission Statement

To proudly serve and be recognized as an innovative regional transit authority by providing safe, reliable and efficient service to our customers, clients and communities while “achieving maximum effectiveness in complementing other forms of transportation in order to promote the general, economic, and social well-being of the area and the Commonwealth” (MGL ch. 161b).

Authority Objectives:

In fulfilling the Mission, we will be to our:

Customers and Clients: responsive, respectful, friendly, safe, accessible, affordable and dependable.

Community: a concerned and responsible entity that supports community activities through both organizational and personal involvement.

Employees: an employer that provides a working environment that recognizes and rewards employee contributions and initiatives, opportunities for personal growth and career advancement; and encouragement for effective and open communication and employee involvement.

Operators: a provider of resources to support levels and quality of service determined by the authority to be reasonable, necessary, and consistent with contractual and regulatory obligations.

Regulators and Funding Sources: a well run, fiscally responsible authority that operates with prudent business policies and practices.