July 1, 2018 Fare Increase

Brockton, MA (June 14, 2018) Reinald G. Ledoux, Jr., Administrator of the Brockton Area Transit Authority (BAT), announced that there will be a fare increase on all BAT fixed route and DIAL-A-BAT service effective July 1, 2018.  BAT last raised fares in March of 2011.  Fixed route fares will be increased by twenty-five cents ($.25) while BAT’s door-to-door service provided by DIAL-A-BAT will increase by fifty cents ($.50).  The fixed route adult base fare is presently $1.25 and will rise to $1.50.  The DIAL-A-BAT fare will rise from $2.50 to $3.00, reported Administrator Ledoux.  The cost of parking at the BAT parking facility located on Centre Street will increase from three dollars ($3.00) to four dollars ($4.00) effective September 1, 2018.  BAT’s current pass program including discounts will remain in effect through June 30, 2019.


In addition to the fare increase, there will be a small service reduction effective July 1, 2018 including the elimination of the 9:50 a.m. outbound pulse departing the BAT Centre on weekdays, elimination of service to Wheeler Ave and service to Goddard Medical Center on Summer St. in Stoughton presently served by the “Mini-Maller.”  Medical trips to Boston provided by DIAL-A-BAT on Friday will cease on September 1, 2018.


“The fare increase was previously recommended through the development of a Comprehensive Regional Transit Plan and is needed to help meet the rising costs of fuel, health insurance and other related costs being experienced within the industry,” Ledoux said.  The service reductions were analyzed as part of a detailed review of service and ridership that considered many scenarios.  BAT will also be analyzing the opportunity to improve service in the Brockton to Stoughton corridor and service will be improved on the Mini-Maller route by changing the schedule to operate every 45 minutes rather than every 60 minutes.  BAT conducted several public meetings and received valuable feedback from customers that helped shape BAT’s final actions.  “Customer feedback is always welcome and appreciated,” Ledoux stated.


For further information, please refer to BAT’s website at www.ridebat.com/updates or call BAT at 508-638-5949.



Brockton, MA – May 1, 2017 - Brockton Area Transit Authority (BAT) is celebrating the unveiling of eight newly re-designed buses on Friday, May 5th during a special community event.

“The new vehicles illustrate our evolution in products and services over the years,” said Ray Ledoux, Administrator of the Brockton Area Transit Authority. “We are introducing a new, streamlined, friendlier design to the community to engage a new generation of passengers. They will also provide greater comfort and visibility for the driver.”

The new thirty five and forty foot Gillig BRT Plus buses feature a sleek, aerodynamic design, redesigned interior and new paint scheme. For the first time BAT will be offering Wifi on each of the new buses. The addition of the BRT Plus to the BAT fleet adds modernity to the BAT brand, increased passenger safety, accessibility, while reducing emissions. BAT’s buses utilize the NextBus system of GPS technology, allowing customers to easily locate their bus in real time.

Mayor Bill Carpenter, Chairman of the BAT Advisory Board said, “I welcome the new design and energy that BAT’s new buses bring as the City of Brockton continues to revitalize and provide economic development opportunities within the city.”

“These buses represent a new generation of BAT’s continued commitment to providing safe and comfortable service for its customers – the same ideals MassDOT greatly values,” said Astrid Glynn, Rail and Transit Administrator for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.  “We know from adding new buses to the MBTA fleet in the last six months, that the public appreciates having reliable vehicles with features that make the trip easier due to improved accessibility for people of all ages or abilities and due to traveling onboard a bus with improved seating arrangements and visibility to the outside.”

The community is invited to attend the new BAT Bus Re-design Unveiling on Friday, May 5th from 1:00pm – 3:00 pm at the Brockton Area Transit Authority, 155 Court Street, Brockton. The event will feature a short speaking program, entertainment, bus tours, and complimentary drinks and hot dogs. For more information, contact Glenn Geiler, ggeiler@ridebat.com, (508) 638-5935.


About Brockton Area Transit Authority

The Brockton Area Transit Authority (BAT) was established in 1974. BAT’s Intermodal Transportation Centre (BAT Centre), adjacent to the MBTA Old Colony Rail Station, serves as the transit hub for the South Shore and Greater Brockton areas. BAT’s fixed route service connects neighboring communities and the Central Business District in Boston, as well as major industrial parks, three colleges, medical facilities, shopping centers, and area commuter rails. For more information, visit www.ridebat.com.

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Monday February 13, 2017

Monday February 13, 2017,   BAT will begin service in a SNOW SCHEDULE for its LOCAL SERVICE.  Ashmont, Stoughton, Rockland and Mini Maller service will operate on a normal weekday schedule but expect delays due to weather and traffic conditions.

There will be no Ashmont Express service on February 13th.

DIAL-A-BAT will be operational. For the safety of our customers and our employees, we may be unable to provide service to those customers whose access to their pick up or drop off locations are blocked by snow.

BAT’s parking garage located on Center Street will be closed for entry at 8:00 pm on February 12th and will be open for commuters at 4:15am on February 13th.  BAT’s commuter lot on Court Street remains open throughout this winter event.



Sunday December 25, 2016 – NO SERVICE

Monday December 26, 2016 – BAT will operate a Sunday Schedule.  DIAL-A-BAT will operate a modified Saturday Schedule – service hours 6:30 am – 6:00 pm

Sunday January 1, 2017 – NO SERVICE

Monday January 2, 2017 – BAT will operate a Sunday Schedule.  DIAL-A-BAT will operate a modified Saturday Schedule – service hours 6:30 am – 6:00 pm

On Patriot’s Day, April 21st, BAT will operate on a regular schedule.

On Patriot’s Day, April 21st, BAT will operate on a regular schedule.