Charlie Cards

Charlie Cards


BAT now accepts the MBTA Charlie Card on all of our buses!  Charlie Card users pay a reduced fare.  The MBTA Charlie Card is a Stored Value Card, which allows you to store value and use it when you need it.  If you have money on your Charlie Card from the MBTA, you can use it to pay fares and also to store one day, seven day or thirty one day passes.

BAT has now installed Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) at the BAT Centre. You may use these machines to obtain Charlie Cards, add value to the Cards and even purchase 7 day and monthly passes.

Charlie Card users in Brockton pay only:

  • $1.35 for an adult fare (regular fare is $1.50)
  • Seniors pay $.65 (instead of $.75)

Charlie Card users in Ashmont pay only:

  • $2.10 for an adult fare (regular fare is $2.25)
  • Seniors pay $1.00 (instead of $1.10)


BAT is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

Passengers will be required to re-apply any time a TAP or Senior Card is lost, stolen, or expired.



Call 508-588-1000 for more information.
TDD: 508-586-0009
BAT cannot replace lost or stolen cards.