Google Trip Planner

Google Trip Planner

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How to use Google Transit Trip Planner

      1. In the Google Transit Trip Planner form above, enter basic information including your:
        • Starting destination (include city and state)
        • Ending destination (include city and state)
        • Select date (clicking in date field will open a calendar)
        • Whether you are departing or arriving at the time entered
        • Time you want to travel
      2. Click “Plan my Trip!”


      1. A new page will open with Google™ Transit route options. Choose the best route for you.


      1. Return to and choose your schedule number.  You can then view a live map of buses along the route, view schedule and fare information, and find out when your NextBus will arrive.


Terms and Conditions of Use:
BAT cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of information gained through Google Transit. This is a new service that is continuously being improved both by Google and participating transit agencies.  Please see the Google Transit Terms and Conditions.

If you need assistance understanding the trip directions provided by Google, please contact BAT at (508) 588-1000.