Paying with Cash

You are eligible to ride the bus for half-fare if you have a Medicare card and/or if you are over 60 years of age. You may show the driver a valid medicare card, or show a valid State ID with proof of age and pay cash on board.

Half Fare CharlieCard

Alternatively, you may obtain a half fare CharlieCard through BAT. Call Customer Service at 508-638-5920 for more information.

Applicants who meet one of the criteria below are automatically eligible for a Transportation Access Pass CharlieCard. Please call Customer Service at 508-638-5920 to get an application, or stop by the Customer Service office at the BAT Centre.

Application may be subject to submission depending upon documentation presented.

  • Medicare Card Holder/Part A & B: Please present your Red, White, and Blue Medicare Card at the time of visit. (No Photocopies)
  • Recipient of SSI or SSDI: Present a copy of a recent award letter from Social Security.
  • Current customer of Dial-a-Bat
  • Veteran with a disability rating 70% or greater: Present Benefits Summary Letter on Veterans Administration letterhead, signed by a Veterans Service Officer, specifying disability rating.
  • Clients of the following agencies: Present original letter on agency letterhead, signed by a from authorized agency representative verifying status as current client.
    • DMH/Department of Mental Health (including DMH vendors)
    • DDS/Department of Developmental Services
    • MRC/Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

If the above criteria does not apply, you may still be eligible for a TAP CharlieCard. The TAP CharlieCard is issued to applicants with disabilities who find it moderately/severely difficult to wait for a bus, hear announcements, read visual signs, understand and/or follow directions, board the correct bus, maintain stamina, function well in crowds, walk certain distances to transfer between transit modes, etc.

NOTE: A person is not considered transportation disabled if his/her sole incapacity or disability is pregnancy, obesity, impairment due to drugs/alcohol or controlled epilepsy.

The TAP CharlieCard IS NOT ISSUED based on applicant’s income level. Please call Customer Service at 508-638-5939 to get an application. Or stop by the Customer Service office at the BAT Centre.