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BAT partners with Massasoit Community College for Sustainable Planting Project

BAT partnered with Massasoit Community College’s Intro. To Environmental Science Class to undertake a sustainable planting project at the BAT Intermodal Centre.  The project involved the design and planting of drought resistant species in a highly visible area of the BAT Centre.  The project provided experiential learning opportunities for Massasoit Community College students and broadened BAT’s partnership with regional institutions of higher learning.

Sustainability Policy


Brockton Area Transit Authority adopts the following comprehensive environmental responsibility and sustainability initiative designed to promote and protect the natural environment and to enhance the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of our service to the Metro South Region. With the implementation of this initiative, BAT will consider environmental impacts in addition to the impact on passengers, service quality, safety and cost effectiveness of proposed capital purchases, service and strategic planning and maintenance policies and procedures. Brockton Area Transit will:

  • Evaluate current procedures and policies and make changes, where applicable, to make BAT an agency that is influenced by the past, flourishing in the present, and able to look forward to a healthy future.
  • Commit to following applicable GreenDOT standards, policies, and measures to ensure that BAT can provide exceptional and sustainable service for years to come.
  • Promote a culture of sustainability that is environmentally, economically, and socially responsible.
  • Responsibly procure, use, and dispose of materials consistent with this initiative.
  • Allocate funds properly to best benefit the customers, community, and agency while still following a long term plan to guarantee BAT’s continued success.
  • Operate and maintain vehicles, equipment, facilities, and other assets at the highest possible efficiency levels.
  • Modernize assets and equipment to ensure efficient operation.
  • Incorporate sustainable practices into everyday work.
hybrid bus
BAT’s new hybrid buses