Service Alert: Saturday Service – Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Monday January 18, 2021

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BAT customers may now purchase bus tickets and passes on their mobile devices. Search for “Bus Plus” in your favorite app store and download it to begin.

BAT is updating its Comprehensive Regional Transit Plan and we need your input. Go to to tell us your thoughts and help shape the future of BAT. Please note, this survey closes on July 31, 2020.

Service is now extended to 9:00 PM for all city routes and frequencies have been increased: Brockton Weekday Schedule Brockton Saturday Schedule Brockton Sunday Schedule Additional service and express runs have been added to Route 12 Ashmont: Weekday Ashmont Outbound Schedule – Toward Ashmont Weekday Ashmont Inbound Schedule – Toward Brockton Stoughton routes will continue […]

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