Service Alert: BAT service free through December 31, 2024

November 29th, 2023:
Brockton Mayor Robert F. Sullivan and Brockton Area Transit (BAT) Administrator Michael Lambert announced today that from December 1st, 2023 through May 31st, 2024 BAT’s bus and paratransit services would be free thanks to $1.4M from a grant program included in the state budget and allocated by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. The program is designed to encourage new customers to “Try Transit” by offering no cost trips to shop or dine at local businesses, visit with friends and family, and commute to work during the six month period.
“We are extremely proud to partner with the Department of Transportation and BAT to provide six months of free service so that our City of Champions will be more accessible to all,” said Mayor Robert F. Sullivan. “This past year we enjoyed great success with free and reduced public transit, including discounted commuter rail fares for Brockton residents, free weekend bus service and discounts for the Cape Flyer to Cape Cod. Increasing public transit use is a top priority as we seek to reduce carbon emissions, improve accessibility, and make it more affordable for residents, businesses, workers and visitors to travel to and from Brockton.”
The “Try Transit” initiative will be supported by the state grant that was awarded to the Commonwealth’s
Regional Transit Authorities who worked together to submit a joint application and plan for implementation. In BAT’s service area, all fixed route and ADA paratransit services will be offered at no cost to customers. Exceptions include BAT’s microtransit service – Rockland Flex – and trips provided by local Councils on Aging. “This grant-funded program will help introduce Greater Brockton’s residents and visitors to our newly expanded weekend service, while offering our current customers some important financial relief,” said BAT Administrator Michael J. Lambert. “BAT offers sincere thanks to its state legislative delegation, our Board of Directors, and MassDOT for their consistent support of transit initiatives across our region.”
Although primarily designed to attract new customers by easing access to services, “Try Transit” will of course also offer a financial reprieve to current riders during these times of high inflation. It is expected that the savings and increased mobility offered by BAT’s services will translate into increased spending at local shops and restaurants.
“It’s wonderful to have this holiday gift in the form of free bus fare via Brockton Area Transit,” added Chris
Cooney, CEO of the Metro South Chamber of Commerce. “This service will help workers, employers, and
shoppers while they celebrate the holidays and beyond working and shopping throughout the region. Thank- you BAT for this important program.”
The ‘Try Transit’ initiative is expected to be particularly effective in downtown Brockton with its high
concentration of small businesses and transit amenities.
“With an influx of residents and new businesses in the downtown area and along Main Street, the ‘Try Transit’ initiative will be a great resource for our commercial centers, including Campello, Montello, and Westgate, as well as the rest of Brockton and the entire BAT service area,” concluded Mary Waldron, Executive Director of the Old Colony Planning Council.

Questions regarding the “Try Transit” program should be directed to Brockton Area Transit at 508.588.2240 or Happy Holidays!