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BAT Flex – Rockland

The Brockton Area Transit Authority will provide app based, on-demand service in Rockland called BAT Flex that is a door-to-door, ride-hail service using the BAT Flex App similar to Uber and Lyft. Trips will be booked when the customer is ready and are provided on a first come first served basis! 

BAT Flex will service: 

  • Rockland – any address within the town of Rockland
  • Target – 385 Centre Ave, Abington, MA
  • Stop & Shop – 375 Centre Ave, Abington, MA
  • Abington MBTA Train Station – 231 Centre Ave, Abington, MA
  • Walmart – 777 Brockton Ave, Abington, MA 
  • Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital – 680 Centre St, Brockton, MA

FARES – $1.50 each time you ride. Pay through the app or use exact change when you board the vehicle.

SERVICE HOURS – BAT Flex will operate Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM – 7:00 PM

HOW TO RIDE – Log in to the app any time during service hours and enter the address of your pick up location and the address of your drop off location. Then click “BOOK”. Trips must be booked when the customer is ready to be picked up.

The app will then assign you to a driver, and show you an approximate time of when
the driver will arrive to you. The app will also show you a map of where your driver is,
so you can track the location of the vehicle as it makes its way to you. Please wait
outside in a safe and visible location for your driver.

If you are not able to use the app, you may call to book a trip – you must be ready at the time you call to be picked up (no advanced reservations accepted). Please call 508-638-5950