Service Alert: BAT service free through July 31, 2024

Service is now extended to 9:00 PM for all city routes and frequencies have been increased:

Additional service and express runs have been added to Route 12 Ashmont:

Stoughton routes will continue to run on a reduced schedule:

Routes 10/11 continue to run a combined route and Mini-Maller service has been suspended until further notice.

  • BAT will be continues to offer rear door boarding whenever safe to do so. Customers that require the use of the ramp or “kneeling” feature of the bus may continue to board through the front door. Whenever possible, please continue to exit through the front of the bus.  Please allow all passengers to exit safely before boarding.  If exiting, through the rear door, please use extreme caution. Move away from the bus and allow it to clear the area before continuing on to your destination.
  • Seating capacity will be reduced on most buses and customers are asked to maintain distance between them and others whenever possible. Additional buses will be on stand-by should buses begin to fill up.
  • The BAT Centre is closed to customers. Customer service will be available via phone at 508-638-5920 and in-person at the BAT Administrative Offices, 155 Court Street.